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Combining art and audio technology, OM is an interactive art experience inspired by global awareness, learning and healing. As visitors enter OM, they are met by the gazing eyes of 1,839 sculptural figures standing on seven continents around the world.

One sculpture per million children represents the world’s entire population of children under age 15*. As visitors move through the exhibition, the voices of children on each continent begin singing OM. As more continents join in, a fuller more harmonious sound is created. (more)

*Source: Population Reference Bureau, Washington DC



by Melissa Daubert

“It is said that when the entire world sings with one voice,

the resulting vibrations will alter

the earth and bring peace.”


  South America

       113 kids


20 penguins


  9 kids

North America

    106 kids


399 kids

“the world’s population of children at a glance ... one sculpture per million children”


117 kids


1,095 Kids

1,839 children - 1 per million children age under age 15 - Representing 1,838,700,000 children in the world

Source: Population Reference Bureau, Washington DC

20 penguins - 1 per million in Antarctica - Representing 20,000,000 penguins in Antarctica 

Source: World Wildlife Fund

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