OM was created for PlayhouseSquare’s 1st Annual International Children’s Festival in May 2010.

Funded by The Pender Family and the Michael Pender Fund, this work of art represents the world’s population of children in one glance. There are 1,839 individually made “kid” sculptures constructed from coconut hair and individually dressed in recycled fabrics. 20 penguins made from coconut hair and wire stand on Antarctica. Sound tracks of children chanting om were recorded courtesy of Cleveland’s School of Rock. Educational programming for OM is available.


In approximately 7 days, our crew transformed the famed Allen Theatre Rotunda into an unforgettable experience of healing for guests.

At approx. 42’ across OM has 4 traffic flows through the exhibit. These are the waterways. The floor breaks down into 52 - 4’x8’ pieces. Continents were made from 2” turf. 7 audio tracks, one for each continent, are triggered by 7 motion sensors controlling the fade of children’s voices in and out through 14 speakers hidden in the exhibit. Audio runs through a laptop computer played through an 8 channel amplifier. Lighting consists of 16 spots and 12 floods requiring only 1 - 20 amp breaker. (floor plan)

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